Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Interesting system from SinaCam:

this system is probably one of the most promising I have seen around for a while, tiny but with proper HD specs, and small enough to eliminate the need of a beamsplitter for most shots, this is pretty much the future of 3D filming:

Consisting of  a couple of  2/3“ CCD Sensor 1920×1080 Pixel, 10 Lux/F2.2 Sensitivity, shooting 1920×1080, 1440×1080, 1280×720 interlaced and progressive up to 60 fps, Output Interfaces up to 2x dual HD-SDI with optional Memory Card Module for high speed H.264 recording. With that type of small cameras, the interaxial distance could be reduced to 41 mm (width of the camera), which would allow for close ups down to 120cm or so, close enough not to need a beamsplitter for most shots, exept extreme close ups.

I would love to know the price of this little wonder.


Dr. Funk said...

I *may* have seen these at Cinegear - and they were pretty outrageously priced, like in the $50-60k price range for what you see in that pic. But I'm not 100% sure they're the same ones.
I think they've made a mistake in having an H.264 encoder, regardless of the price. They should have worked out a deal with Cineform, for example - or even used an i-frame only MPEG2 at higher bitrates to an SSD. Long GOP 4:2:0 compression for something meant for professional use is just a bad idea.
I'm told that Discovery 3D won't accept material shot (recorded) as AVCHD, such as from the 3DA1 - meaning people are then having to buy something like the nanoflash recorders.

bastien said...

I have heard that BBC started accepting stuff shot on the 5D mk2, which was previously against their rules. Then again this was 2D, it is true that quality is primordial in 3D, stuff badly compressed gives you a headache. The gh13 hack enables me to shoot mjpg 422 at up to 80 mbps in 720, although I rarely use it, I rely mostly on AVCHD, which is pristine over 40mbps.

Thought I´d mention a cheaper alternative to the nanoflash which is the ninja from Atomos, less than half the price of the nanoflash.

as said...

as said...
Dr. Funk cannot have seen "this little wonder" (bastien) with the best will of the world, neither at Cinegear nor anywhere else. This tiny camera will be presented for the first time at the NAB show in Las Vegas in April 2011. I wonder too why Dr. Funk believes the price to be in the $ 50-60k range because actually the price will be under $ 30K. Also the HD-SDI Video Formats will be 4:2:2 or 4:4:4, not 4:2:0 as Dr. Funk reports.

Claus said...
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Claus said...

Hi, we did a 3D-shooting with the sinaCam, using AJA Kipro´s for 10bit-recording.
From 3.october on you will find the results here:

Die Huberbuam