Sunday, November 28, 2010

panasonic´s 3DA1 versus a beamsplitter and a couple of gh13s

That camera is definitely quite a nice bit of kit, but it is certainly not worth the huge amount of money they ask.  Filming with a couple of hacked gh13s on a beamsplitter, I can change the interocular distance (the 3DA1 can´t), shoot 50fps in 720p (the 3DA1 can´t as far as I know) up to 80mbps, color space 422 when shooting mjpg (3DA1 is 420 therefore not broadcast compliant for many 3D channels). I can change lenses, have shallow depth of focus if I want to (shallow DOF can be awsome in 3D as well), the rig can be handheld, barely weighting more than the 3DA1, and , oh! it cost me a quarter of the price of the 3DA1. It looks like the 3DA1 interocular distance is about 5or 6cm, there is basically a "sweet point" distance of 1m tp 1, 50 at which the 3D effect works best, closer and you´´ll induce headaches to your audience, further and the 3D effect will rapidly fade.

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